Internal audit

Our audits are systematic and rigorous. They verify and validate the compliance of your processes, products, and services. This periodic audit confirms to the management at its highest level, which is going well in the company, the opportunities for improvement and, if necessary, the non-conformities that need to be corrected.


Supplier audit


Your suppliers have an impact on the quality and safety of your products and services and should be audited periodically. Our approach makes it possible to identify, in a documented report, what is compliant, what is non-compliant and will therefore need to be corrected preventively and, if necessary, opportunities for improvement.

The Barrage


This audit allows the managers to present, during a same meeting, the components of the system their interrelationship, the results obtained from their planning, their implementation and the controls carried out. It allows a common understanding of the system and is the best review to offer before an external audit.

Certification audit


Our  professionals certify your management system according to international standards for quality, environmental, occupational health and safety and sustainable development management, which are respectively ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, ISO 37101, ISO 37120, ISO 37122, and ISO 37123.


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